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Encouraging your child to make new friends in preschool in Maineville:

Posted on 01-15-2015


One of the most exciting things about attending preschool for any child is the prospect of making new friends. Many toddlers are quite content to sit next to one another and play independently. This is perfectly normal, and is known as parallel play. As your child gets older, he or she will begin to look for interaction with peers. We will take a closer look at how parents can encourage toddlers to make new friends at preschool:

Show positive traits that you would want your child to exhibit:

Toddlers learn just about everything from their parents before being placed in a daycare or specialized preschool facility like ours. It is vital that both you and your partner display the types of positive characteristics and behaviors that you would like to observe in your child. Encourage empathy, make time for other people, compliment positive traits of others, and do not be afraid to laugh at your own mistakes and weaknesses.

Take your child out with you:

Your child learns a great deal from you by observing how you behave. Do not be afraid to take your child out with you if you are meeting a friend for coffee. Chances are that your toddler will learn a lot about social behavior simply by observing how you interact with your friends.

Give your child the chance to interact with peers:

Whether you are just taking your child to the local playground, or you are looking to get involved in a parent-child group, it is important to allow your toddler to interact with other children of the same age. This experience will fine tune the necessary skills required to make friends once in preschool.

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