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When should parents start looking for infant child care options in Maineville?

Posted on 02-02-2015


Searching and selecting an infant care provider is important, especially for families with working parents. Most companies allow only six weeks of maternity leave, which offers minimal time to explore and choose the best daycare facility for a newborn. This blog gives parents a few suggestions specific to seeking infant child care options.

Start sooner versus later

Ideally, new parents should start determining available day care providers for their infant soon after birth or potentially before. Delaying the search may limit the number of options, which might force the enrollment of your newborn into a facility that is less than best. An unfortunate reality is that some quality facilities have wait-lists for infant care due to the more hands-on care a baby requires. This dilemma can easily be avoided with advanced planning.

Don’t hesitate to ask direct questions when interviewing potential providers

Upon selecting several provider facilities, compile a list of questions for management or other staff to answer. Suggested questions include:

  • How does your establishment deal with emergencies?
  • What is the policy specific to sick children? Are parents called immediately or just for more serious issues?
  • What are the qualifications of your staff?
  • What accreditations has the facility received?

Ask for recommendations and enlist the help of family and friends

Going it alone when determining the best child care provider is a difficult task. Lessen the pressure by asking friends, family, and relying on social media for recommendations, are all options. The feedback received will offer insight about the reputation of each establishment, allowing you to minimize your “finalist list” to those facilities that have the best reviews.

The child care team at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Maineville, Ohio, invites you to visit our modern, child-friendly facility. Contact us today to learn why so many parents choose Kids ‘R’ Kids nationwide as their early educator for developing young minds. 

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